Frequently Ask Questions

Will I be able to retire by age 65?

Every situation is different but statistics show that those who have a financial plan that they are following are much more likely to meet their retirement goals than those who do not have a plan.

Will I be able to pay for my kids college education?

After reviewing your unique circumstances ATM Financial Services will provide you with an assessment of your ability to meet this goal and alternative options.

Do I have too much or to little life insurance?

Life Insurance needs for most individuals is dynamic and changes over time. A thorough review and understanding of you insurance needs today and in the future will help you optimize your use of this risk management tool.

Are my financial goals achievable?

One of the most important aspects of any financial plan is that it must be realistic. Goals that are unrealistic only create frustration and disappointment. There are no “one size fits all” financial plans. We believe that a financial plan must be comprehensive in order to give clients the best possible chance for success.

Should I have a budget for my family?

Understanding your cash flow is key to financial success. We can prepare cash flow statements and help families build budgets that are specific to their goals and objectives.