Our Services

Retirement Planning:

Working hard and hoping you can retire some day is not the best way to plan for your golden years. While hard work is certainly admirable, it alone will not ensure your retirement goals are met. At ATM Financial Services we get to know our clients so we can better understand your goals and objectives. We take time to understand your risk tolerance as well as assess your current financial position. By doing these things up front we can help you determine if your goals are realistic and achievable. This allows us to build a plan that is tailored to each clients specific goals and objectives.

Education Planning:

The cost of a college education continues to grow in the United States. More and more students are having to fund their education costs through student loans. With some households having more than one student attending college at the same time the average student debt per household was more than $47,000 in 2015. This level of debt can burden an individual or family for many years and possibly prevent them from meeting other financial goals and objectives. Even if you don’t plan to fully fund your child’s education having a plan that provides some funding can go a long way toward helping them become financially independent.

Risk Management:

There are many ways to manage risk as it relates to your finances. Insurance is obviously one option, but there are other methods as well such as having an emergency fund. Having easily accessible cash set aside for unplanned events allows you to manage these events without threatening other assets or possibly creating credit card debt that comes at a higher price and could hinder or slow your other financial goals. What happens if you lose your job? Do you have funds set aside to cover your living expenses while you seek new employment? Do you need insurance to only cover your final expenses or does it need to provide support for a surviving spouse? We can help you decide on the right mix of risk management techniques and strategies for you and your family.

Debt Management:

Whether you are trying to get out of debt or thinking of making a major purchase such as a home or automobile, without a debt management plan you risk spending more than is necessary. Mismanagement of debt can cost you money not only today but for years to come. Decreased credit scores can result in higher interest rates which cost you money. ATM Financial can educate you on how to manage your debt and your credit score. We can incorporate debt management into you comprehensive financial plan.

Estate Planning:

Whether you have a little or a lot you need a plan that will ensure that your assets are managed according to your intentions both while living and after death. ATM Financial will work with you to understand your intentions and help you develop a plan that gives you confidence and peace of mind. Estate planning can be very complicated and very different for each individual. Your estate plan and your goals for transferring wealth can change over time and the legal aspects require working with an attorney skilled in estate planning. We can help you organize your thoughts and provoke thinking in areas you may not have considered. Once we know what you want to accomplish we can make recommendations on how to begin planning for these objectives.